Tuesday, 12 November 2013

well,hello there!

First of all I'm gonna say, FINALLY!

My name is Lexa, currently I live in Bandung, Indonesia. I'm married and a mother of one daughter.
I studied Architecture major in college, but I know I always love crafting and arts as long as I remember.
I think it's all because "the blood" of my family, my father is an architect, my grandpa is a painter.. And now my brother is a branding designer, my little sister is taking major in fashion design. Oh well.. You can see what I'm talking about. Crystal clear!
I started scrapbooking about 3 years ago..Yes, I'm a begginer.. And start making cards about a year later. I love both scrapbooking and cardmaking, don't ask me to choose one. Hehe.
And I love doing minis.. I just find it so fun to do!
I have major crush in rainbow, colors, anything cute and makes me happy.
I always want to create a blog ever since I was so much inspired by all the crafting and artsy bloggers.

So here I am now!
I will try to do my best to keep my blog update.

Thankyou for reading. :)

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  1. Hi Lexa! I came over because I saw your project that Deasy Designs showed today; its all adorable! And what a surprise to see you have just started your blog! Everything looks wonderful! Know what's funny? I, too, am an architect, and a mom (but of 4 kids!). But I know how you feel about crafting - I'm a HUUUGE crafter! Anyway, you're doing an AMAZING job on your blog. Good luck, sweety!